Bentgo Kids Bento Snack Box - Hello Green

Bentgo Kids Bento Snack Box - Hello Green

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Bentgo Kids Bento Snack Box is a bento-style snack box with a leak-proof lid for enjoying snacks or small meals on the go. Pack fruit, veggies, popcorn, crackers and wet foods like thick yogurt, fruit puree (but not liquids like drinks/water/juice/watery dressings). Why this reusable rocks: Safe & non-toxic! 100% BPA/PVC/Phthalate/Lead/Vinyl free (FDA approved) Leak-proof technology keeps food fresh and mesh free - pack fruit, veggies, pretzels, crackers, leftovers, dipping sauces and wet foods (like thick yogurt, fruit puree) but not liquids like drinks/water/juice/watery dressings. 2 practical compartments portioned for a childs appetite Kid free latch make opening and closing great for small hands  Switch from expensive pre-packaged snacks which can hide sugars and preservatives and pack healthy food in 5 leak-proof comparments instead Made of thick, durable, reusable plastic designed to last for hundreds of uses Tray is dishwasher safe tray (top rack

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The Bentgo Kids Tray with Transparent Cover makes meal prep easy by keeping the snacks and meals in your lunch tray fresh–even when they aren't packed inside the outer shell of your existing Bentgo Kids Lunch Box. This replacement set is perfect for packing kids food containers the night before!.

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