Bath Bliss Toilet Paper Reserve and Dispenser in Chrome

Bath Bliss Toilet Paper Reserve and Dispenser in Chrome

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The Bath Bliss toilet tissue organizer comes in an attractive marble ball design and is the perfect way to keep extra rolls of toilet paper neatly stored in small bathroom spaces. Add a touch of style to your decor with this elegant satin nickelfinish. This toilet paper reserve holds up to 3 extra rolls so that there are always available rolls when you run out. Small and lightweight design makes it easy to move from 1 place to the other.

Bath Bliss Marble Ball Design Toilet Paper Reserve - Satin Nickel

Introducing our innovative 3-in-1 Toilet Paper Dispenser, a versatile addition to your bathroom with a range of convenient features. This dispenser is thoughtfully designed with an adjustable shelf, providing the perfect spot to hold various items such as wipes, sprays, or even your cellphone ensuring everything you need is within arm's reach.

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The Bath Bliss Crystal Toilet Paper Holder will have your tissue handy for use. Even better, it has space for 3 extra rolls in reserve to make sure you never run out. Lightweight and easy to move, its chic styling and chrome finish will match any bathroom decor. Crystal knobs are elegant and can enrich any room.

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The Bath Bliss Toilet Paper Reserve and Dispenser is both stylish and functional, providing a practical solution for your bathroom storage needs. It

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