Lasagna Pan-Casserole Pan

Lasagna Pan-Casserole Pan

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Use this enameled cast iron casserole pan by Carolina Cooker® to bake casseroles, lasagnas, cobblers and more. Measuring 12 in. L x 8-1/2 in. W. x 2 in. D.
An excellent rectangular shaped cast iron pan for baking casseroles, lasagnas, cobblers and more. This pan by Carolina Cooker® has an enamel finish that does not require traditional cast iron seasoning. With dual side handles for easy carrying.

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Lasagna Pan-Casserole Pan

Whether your customers are baking heavy pasta dishes or transporting baked goods, this pan is the perfect choice. This container is the perfect choice

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Perfect Appearance and Size - The height of the square baking dish is 3.3 inches, which can hold a lot of chicken and vegetables without spilling.

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The award-winning Mrs. Anderson's Lasagna Pan is crafted from high-fired ceramic for superior baking, broiling and roasting. Specially designed for,f_auto,h_600,w_600/v1/shop/variant/6189a4660ae00_98048rs-alt1

Mrs. Anderson's Lasagna Pan

Why Choose Our Baking Dish?, Big Body, Considerable Design., The size of this baking tray is 11.7 x 8 x2.7, can meet the multi-person use. This

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Strong and durable, the USA Pan Bakeware Lasagna Pan is perfectly designed for placing six un-cooked lasagna noodles per layer to create up to two pounds of lasagna. The lasagna pan can also be used to bake casseroles or roasted chicken. Easy grip handles make the pan very easy to transport to and from the oven. The corrugated texture helps to release food quickly, increase air-flow for a more evenly baked product and increases the pan's durability.

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