4 Keychain PowderJets Mini Protein Powder Funnel, to-Go Supplement

4 Keychain PowderJets Mini Protein Powder Funnel, to-Go Supplement

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Arrives by Wed, Jan 17 Buy 4 Keychain PowderJets Mini Protein Powder Funnel, to-Go Supplement Container, Workout Powder Device, Portable Bottle Funnel, All Green Pack of 4 – PowderJet TSA Friendly at .
Do you want a convenient way to carry protein powders with you wherever you go? And do you also want a quick way to enjoy fresh and perfectly mixed workout drinks on-the-go?With PowderJet, you can enjoy all of these benefits in one device. It is a 3-in-1 powder device that can be used as a funnel, storage, and powder mixer.PowderJet has a wide mouth for easy powder loading without the mess. It creates a snug fit in water bottle openings, so you don't need to hold the funnel when scooping powder into it. The protein funnel also uses Patented Smart Flow Technology for smooth and quick powder flow. No more powder clogging and constant tapping of the funnel. Zero wasted powder!As the powder is dispensed through PowderJet, it becomes aerated and ready for mixing. Because of this, you can make perfectly-mixed and clump-free drinks every time!PowderJet is compact and lightweight, so it’s perfect to go containers. Aside from using it as a protein container, you can use it as vitamin holder and pill containers as well.If you’re worried about accidentally getting the powders all over your gym bag, don’t be! PowderJet has 2 screw caps that securely hold your supplement powder.It's easy to use. Simply pre-load your PowderJet for ready use. Choose your chilled drink and then drink a bit to create a space for the powder. Remove the small cap. Insert PowderJet into the water bottle and the powder will flow in. For better flow, open the jet vents by aligning the jet markers. Re-attach the water bottle cap, shake, and enjoy your drink!Why pay for expensive pre-mixed drinks and bring bulky shakers and tubs of protein powder? All you need is a bottle of chilled water and a PowderJet loaded with your favorite powder.Make PowderJet part of your daily workout necessities today!

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