Redecker Tampico Dish Brush review

Redecker Tampico Dish Brush review

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After using the compostable Redecker Tampico Dish Brush for over three years, we can confidently say we’re never going to use a normal sponge again.

An indispensable kitchen tool, the gentle dishwashing brush allows you to scrub dishes easily and effectively, while keeping your hands dry and clean.

Dishwashing Brush, Gentle

This dish brush makes washing dishes easier and more sustainable. Once you try it, you’ll ditch traditional sponges for good.

Redecker Tampico Dish Brush

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This beautiful dish brush will get that dirty job done without producing kitchen waste! Instead of plastic sponges that, let's face it, don't work, this brush has replaceable brush heads that are the perfect size and texture to beat the mess! This eco-friendly dish brush is composed of natural, German beechwood and tough Mexican Tampico bristles.

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